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Planning a trip somewhere? Let us help with a place your dog can play while you're away  

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Wishing everyone happy holidays and a happy New Year!


Welcome To Hazelmere Kennels 

Quality Care, Quality Service 

Proudly serving the Community for over 20 Years

      Our modern and professionally designed boarding facility is without doubt one of the finest and most unique dog boarding kennels.  Providing unique indoor outdoor access through out all runs in the kennel.


Situated in beautiful South Surrey the sense of open space is not only evident in our property but also in our spacious dog kennels.


Our 6,000 sq. foot building is designed to ensure all our guests' needs are met.


The small dogs facility is a separate 3,000 sq. foot area in the kennel. Each run has their own personal outdoor area allowing the dogs free run inside and outside in a safe secure environment.


We have playrooms, private rooms, semi-private and a special area for senior dogs.


The large dog facility is unique as well all runs have direct access to the outdoors so your dog doesn't have to wait to be taken outside. Each run allows indoor and outdoor freedom in a safe and secure area.

Field time! Play time! We have separate, secure fields for large and small dogs, allowing dogs of similar size to run and play in safety and enjoy the wide open space.

Come on down to see our friendly environment, wide open free access space, and a truly unique dog boarding experience for your dog to play, while your away.

+1 604-535-3649
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